Paid Internships- Bachelor’s Family Connects/Early Childhood – Winter/Spring 2023

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North Range DOES NOT accept students for Practicum placement only. You must also commit to completing your internship requirements with the same program to be considered for practicum placement. For clinical graduate placements, we place students for two (2) consecutive semesters, in the best interest of our clientele. 

Location:  Greeley, CO
Placement Availability, Position #, and Program Information:
Family Connects (Prevention/Young Children & Families)
-  Bachelor level for Fall; # 3342(Young Children & Families) - Paying $15.00/hour if University allows students to accept paid internships.
-  Preference will be given to students in an early childhood, social work, or counseling degree program.
-  This internship is part of the prevention program through the onsite collaboration of the Early Childhood, Family Specialist and HIPPY Teams.

Family Connects is the prevention and intervention program that has five teams that focus on the early years (0-8 years), when a young child's brain is growing the fastest. The different teams all work on strengthening relationships between adult caregivers and children using preventative practices, evidence-based interventions, and school-readiness curriculums that include the whole family. Depending on the team, services and supports may happen at a NRBH office, in community agencies, homes, childcare settings and schools throughout Weld County.

Student Engagement May Include:
-  Engage in activities and interventions that support 2-3 generation families.
-  Participate in direct services to families with young children at office, in the community and home settings.
-  Increase counseling skills, early childhood knowledge and application of early brain science in work with families of young children.
-  Learn how to strengthen nurturing relationships between parent and children through groups and other family interventions.
-  Acquire knowledge and skill in screening, assessment, and referrals for any identified needs.
-  Gain deeper understanding of how to use a developmental perspective in the work by working on learning kits and activity modules.

Minimum Qualifications:
-  Student must be currently enrolled in a Bachelor level program, relevant to placement, at an accredited university or college
-  Be in good standing with the university/college
-  Must successfully complete a background check and drug screen 

Additional Eligibility requirements, as required by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE):
-  Annual Flu Vaccine
-  COVID-19 Vaccine
-  Annual TB testing may be required

North Range Behavioral Health provides compassionate, comprehensive care for people who face mental health and addiction challenges.  We provide cutting-edge tools, training and thoughtful supervision to our volunteer interns as an extension of the academic environment to assist them in their professional development.

Our values:
-  Customer First. We help our customers achieve recovery, every day.
-  Compassion. We treat everyone with kindness, empathy, and dignity.
-  Collaboration. We build strong relationships, internally and externally, to ensure effective care for our customers.

If you're driven to help others, have high standards and a desire to learn in a collaborative environment, we encourage you to apply for an internship at North Range Behavioral Health.  North Range Behavioral Health is an Equal Opportunity Employer.