Nurse, Licensed Practical - Main

Position Title: Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
Position #: 491
Location:  Greeley, CO
Employment Status: Full time (Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm)

North Range Behavioral Health - Where Hope Begins and Change is Possible

Program: The medical team is made up of psychiatrists, physician assistants, advanced nurse practitioners with prescribing privileges, and other dedicated professionals. They provide comprehensive evaluations, medication management and psychiatric services to customers of all ages, while working with multi-disciplinary teams to coordinate care.

Position Summary: Under the direct supervision of a registered nurse, provides nursing services to individuals with mental health and/or substance use disorders.  Engages in problem identification, crisis intervention, case management, and individual, family and group therapy. Range of clinical nursing practice includes personal care services, review of data, monitoring and reporting findings, medication administration and monitoring, client teaching and health education, emergency intervention, and other nursing services within professional scope of practice. Coordinates medical care and intervention with program staff and psychiatrist.

Minimum Qualifications:
-  Graduate of an accredited professional nursing program
-  Active Colorado license to practice as a Licensed Practical Nurse
-  For positions entailing the transport of clients, a Valid Colorado Driver's License and a driving record that meets agency insurability requirements will be required
-  Bilingual skills (English/Spanish) desired 

-  1 year nursing experience in the Behavioral Health field/program of application preferred
-  Experience in coordinating behavioral health intervention plans and services with other agencies desired

Knowledge of:
-  Mild to severe mental health and/or substance use disorders/disabilities and the recovery process.
-  Professional and ethical guidelines as outlined by the State of Colorado.
-  Basic and routine computer keyboarding, programs and software.
-  Basic, routine, and advanced records maintenance and filing practices. 
-  Basic, routine, and advanced office management practices and operating procedures.
-  Workplace policies and professionalism.
-  Organizational structure, workflow and operating procedures.
-  Effective de-escalation techniques.

Skills/Abilities to:
-  Identify and support appropriate diagnostic assessment using current diagnostic system.
-  Provide treatment and case management in routine and crisis situations. 
-  Visually assess responses to mental illness or reaction to medications such as hand tremors, tongue rolling, color of skin, eyes following hallucinations, size of pupils for substance abuse, etc. 
-  Read, analyze, and interpret related professional periodicals, journals, technical procedures or government regulations.
-  Apply principles of logical or scientific thinking to a wide range of intellectual and practical problems. 
-  Provide a full range of practical nursing care to clients with a variety of behavioral health and/or physical issues.
-  Communicate effectively and positively, both orally and in writing with a wide range of individuals and constituencies, including when under emotionally charged and stressful situations.
-  Work with diverse populations and be culturally sensitive.
-  Maintain confidentiality.

-  Provide a full range of practical nursing care to clients with a variety of behavioral health problems including personal nursing care, diagnostic support duties and treatment procedures.
-  Perform routine observation of clients; obtain current symptoms and complaints, observe the clients' condition and behavior, and response to treatments and/or medications. 
-  Provide effective education to clients, family members, and/or other involved parties in relation to common disease processes, medication (purpose, dosages, side effects, etc.), and/or prescribed treatment regimes.
-  Handle, prepare, administer and record medications and treatments in accordance with policy; maintain a medication administration system.
-  Serve as liaison for pharmacy, order medications, maintain medication supplies, and keep accurate medication counts; meet with pharmaceutical representatives; assist with information and instructions regarding medication programs offered by medication manufacturers.
-  Audit medications, MARS, and chart documentation according to state regulations; manage destruction of medications according to state regulations.
-  Screen lab reports and inform/refer abnormalities to prescribers; communicate possible medication problems, side effects and potential drug interactions.
-  Identify common changes in condition (i.e. mental/emotional, physical, etc.) which have relevance to the client's health status and report these in a timely manner and initiate appropriate action.
-  Record all significant observations and actions taken, using established oral, written and computer communications according to documentation guidelines.  Use electronic health record system to document services provided and medication distribution; confirm coding of services rendered is ethically appropriate and results in successful billing.
-  Demonstrate fiscal responsibility by supporting agency collection policies and procedures; assure client understanding of service charges and fee changes.
-  Work proactively with payor sources to ensure payment of services; align services with payor authorizations and/or request authorization prior to provision of service.
-  Assume responsibility to follow infection control guidelines and report infection control issues.  May provide infection control/management, including milieu management, staff and client education, and consultation to residential facilities; may perform health tests for TB and administer Hepatitis B injections for employees, including reading test results.
-  May perform as triage-nurse for phone calls, refills, and appointments; may assist with inpatient admission process and Medicaid authorizations.
-  Provide involuntary commitment (CRS 27-65) services as allowed by statute including assisting in restraining clients and administering emergency medication with a doctor's order.
-  Consult with and problem solve with supervisors, aides, program managers, psychiatrists and therapists regarding client care.
-  Use various resources and knowledge of policies and procedures regarding the reporting of injury and illness to assure prompt compliance to reporting requirements. Report general health issues in facility, medication issues, errors and inconsistencies to Program Director.
-  Perform other duties as assigned.

Working Conditions:
No major sources of discomfort; standard office environment.  Some assignments may have a shared work space in a milieu environment.  Work hours can vary and may require weekends, evenings, holidays, and/or on-call scheduling and may include additional hours beyond 40 hours per week based on program assignment. Some positions may require transportation of clients in agency owned vehicle or travel to other sites for service provision.

Dependent upon qualifications and experience. Salary placements generally occur near the minimum to midpoint of the range.  North Range Behavioral Health offers eligible employees a comprehensive benefit package including medical, dental, and vision coverage, paid time off, holiday pay, retirement savings plan, and much more!  Bilingual skills may be compensated additionally.

North Range Behavioral Health is among the largest employers in Weld County, and provides compassionate, comprehensive care for people who face mental health and addiction challenges. Our team members are hard workers, and we strongly believe in the importance of a healthy work/life balance. We provide cutting-edge tools, training and thoughtful supervision to our employees to assist them in their professional development.

Our values are:
-  Customer First. We help our customers achieve recovery, every day.
-  Compassion. We treat everyone with kindness, empathy, and dignity.
-  Collaboration. We build strong relationships, internally and externally, to ensure effective care for our customers.

North Range Behavioral Health promotes a philosophy of giving… to the community, to our customers, and to each other. If you're driven to help others, have high standards and a desire to work in a collaborative environment, we hope you'll consider a career at North Range Behavioral Health. Visit us at to learn more.

North Range Behavioral Health is an Equal Opportunity Employer.